Five Shakespeare Sonnets - Youtube

My father will no longer bless the bread - for soprano solo and piano - Youtube

Pictures from the private collection of God - for soprano solo, oboe and piano - Youtube

Suite for bassoon and string trio - Youtube

Scenes of Jerusalem - no. 1,2,4 - Youtube

Scenes of Jerusalem - no. 3 - Youtube

Scenes of Jerusalem - no. 5 - Youtube

God's Sabbatical - Shnat Shabaton shel Elohim - song cycle by Yaakov Barzilai.                                                                                       2. "Machberet shel Elohim" (God's Notebook) - Youtube

Nerve for trombone and piano

Five Dialogues for flute and piano

The oboe's lament

Etude for viola

Dialogues for two bassoons or two cellos

Echos of Childhood for piano solo

Etude for piano solo

Conversations for flute and piano (Strings)

Conversations for clarinet and piano (Strings)

Kaleidoscope for woodwind quintet - Youtube

Reflections for flute, bassoon and piano - Youtube

Happy is the Man (Ashrei Ha-ish) for soprano solo and piano (Psalm 1 and Psalm 57) - MP3

Children's games - for piano solo (Five movements) - MP3

Sonata for violoncello and piano - first movement - MP3

Sonata for violoncello and piano - second and third movements - MP3

Five Miniatures for woodwind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet in B flat, horn in F and bassoon) - MP3

Meditations for violin, violoncello and piano - MP3

Music for french horn and piano - MP3

RECOLLECTIONS for Piano solo - MP3

Trio for violin, violoncello and piano - MP3

Suite for bassoon and piano - MP3