Therese Raquin - an opera in two acts for 8 soloists and chamber orchestra - Youtube

"Therese Raquin" is a dramatic opera in Two Acts based on the novel Therese Raquin by Emile Zola.

The opera is sung in Hebrew, with libretto by Dana Gur".

The performance took place at the Rebecca Crown Theatre in Jerusalem in 2005.

The orchestra consists of students of the Jerusalem Academy of Music, Conductor: Aharon Harlap.

Cast: Therese Raquin- Rona Israel- Kolatt

Laurent- Andre Trifonov

Madame Raquin- Ayelet Carmon

Camille- Ilan Shlafman

Suzanne- Sigal Chen

Olivier-  Uri Yudkin

Michaud- Yonathan Haimovitch

Grivet- Amnon Zelig

Therese Raquin - Scene 1 - MP3

Therese Raquin - Scene 2 - MP3

Therese Raquin - Scene 3 - MP3

Therese Raquin - Scene 4 - MP3

Therese Raquin - Scene 5 - MP3

Therese Raquin - Scene 6 - MP3


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